Deal with the new Escort girl in Escorting with grace.

Escorting is not the only field where the employer expects a fresher to be experienced! But escorting is surely is the only field where client satisfaction is based on the experience and maturity of the escort. However, a call girl has to start somewhere, and it is quite expectant of the clients that they will deal with the new girls properly.

But that does not happen all the time. Not every client has the patience to deal with the immaturity of a new girl, and they get angry easily. However, that spill of anger might get you banned from the escort service for forever. So, if you do not know how to deal with a new girl in escorting, here are some tips that you can apply. Have a look.

The first lesson in handling a new escort girl is not to demand a lot but never indulge too much as well. Remember, she is an escort; so she knows what she is doing and how to do it. But as her first job, she might be a little shy at fulfilling all wildernesses inside you. Talk to her politely and offer her dinner, this might be a good icebreaker. Before jumping into the main act, make a conversation to make her feel a little comfortable. In this way, she will be able to do her job better.

As for the second part, you need to tell her all the instructions. Being a new girl into escorting, she might not know all the courtesy that you are expecting. Thus, it is better to be friendly and ask them what you are expecting of her. Also, try not to pressurise her for the things she is not comfortable. It will clear her head, and she will do her job better.

However, do not demean the job of an escort girl. Just because she is new into escorting, there is no need to behave in such a way which will disrespect or demean her skills. She knows how to do her job better, and there’s no way you can judge her skills just because she is a new girl. Be friendly, be respectful towards her skill and express all the acts that you are expecting, i.e. whether you want her to be a submissive or you want her to be dominant etc. That is the only simple cue to deal with a new girl into escorting. Have fun!

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